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Tron: Evolution – Battle Grids at Comic-Con…

Posted in Tim Schwalk, Tron: Evolution - Battle Grids Wii (2010) by Dan O'Leary on July 24, 2010

Contributed by n-Space Game Director, Tim Schwalk

Tron has officially taken over Comic-Con 2010!  With Tron Legacy banners hanging all over San Diego (seriously, they are EVERYWHERE), and Disney’s Tron booth being the hit of the show (a light cycle AND a recognizer!!), people here are simply referring to the event as Comi-TRON.  That’s certain to become an even more popular term now that Flynn’s Arcade has reopened to the public, complete with a recreation of the End-Of-Line bar from the upcoming film.

It’s been an absolute joy to share Tron: Evolution – Battle Grids for the Wii with gamers and Tron fans at the show this week.  The atmosphere at Comic-Con is so much different than E3.  With so many parents brining children to the event, it’s been especially great to see the kids playing our game.   While reactions have ranged from non-stop giggling to the constant screaming of “Wahoo”, it’s been obvious that kids simply love the game.

One older child (probably 10-11 yrs) marched over to the station at Flynn’s Arcade today, informing me that he’d played it at Comic-Con and wanted to challenge me to a game of Light Runners (an awesome grid game based on a new vehicle in the Legacy film!).  He was upset at the long lines of the show and loved that there were multiple stations here in the arcade.  WELL, he very nearly beat me!  I don’t know how many times he had played the game, but he had every weapon name memorized and had even developed strategies based on these weapons.  I was floored.  I know the game is a lot of fun, but seeing our target audience embrace it so quickly was complete validation that this is going to hit home with these kids.  I loved it.

The game is showing amazingly well to everyone.  The only problem I’ve run into is fans wanting to immediately play again while someone is already waiting their turn to play next.  (A good problem to have!!)  Today was a really great day and I’m excited to get back to the show tomorrow to introduce Battle Grids to hundreds of new fans (and no doubt a bunch of return gamers)!

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