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You don’t need alchemy to get a good connection in Heroes of Ruin

Posted in Our Games by Joshua on June 14, 2012

You’ve christened your Alchitect. You’ve connected with friends. And you’ve settled in for another journey to the World of Veil. Everything is ready to go — then the lag hits.

The occasional poor connection in online games is frustrating and inevitable, but not insurmountable. The good news is that you don’t need schooling in alchemy to overcome any connection issues you might experience in Heroes of Ruin. In fact, there are several easy steps you can take right now to ensure your wireless network connection is fast and stable.

• Gaming with a good Internet connection (low latency, high bandwidth) is critical. Just as important, though, is the need to properly set up your wireless network. Nintendo offers excellent information on their website about diagnosing and fixing connectivity problems.

Not all routers are created equal. Some routers become unstable if it’s been a while since their last reboot, so try restarting. Also, update to the latest router firmware, if possible.

Beware of wireless congestion, especially in apartments and dormitories. Use a Wi-Fi scanner such as NetStumbler to find the Wi-Fi channels that are in use. For optimum bandwidth, configure your router to use a channel that is at least 5 channels away from everyone else. Nintendo recommends channels 1 and 11 as they do not overlap with channel 6, the default for most routers. Also, beware of wireless noise sources such as cordless phones, baby monitors, wireless headsets and keyboards, and microwave ovens. Cook those pizza rolls before you set foot in Nexus!

Beware of other drains on your network connection. Streaming video or other high-demand Internet usage can make your connection too slow for gaming. You should also try to remain physically close to your wireless router. You don’t need to hug the machine, but try moving into the same room and avoiding obstructions if you’re experiencing a poor connection. The further you are from the wireless router, the more your signal is prone to interference.

• Remember that the host gets more network traffic than the other players, so if you’re playing with some friends, whoever has the best connection should host.

• Lastly, if you get an error code during network play, you can get more information and help from Nintendo by entering the code here.

The development team at n-Space, Square Enix and Nintendo worked tirelessly for months to ensure a top-quality experience for all Heroes of Ruin players, but if you encounter connection problems, these are your best first steps. Good luck slaying those Wireless Interference Dragons and we’ll see you in the World of Veil!

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