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Heroes of Ruin reviews show might makes right

Posted in Our Games by Joshua on July 17, 2012

Massively addictive. The best approach to the genre a handheld has ever seen. Magnificent and essential. These are the phrases reviewers are using for Heroes of Ruin, our newest game for the Nintendo 3DS. It’s all further evidence that might makes right when it comes to the extensive and immersive adventures of our heroic Alchitect, Gunslinger, Savage and Vindicator!

Pocket Gamer score: 90% [Gold Award]
Review by Mike Rose

Heroes of Ruin is a landmark release for the 3DS thanks to its online play, made all the more essential through its lengthy string of quests, varying equipment and stats, and hack ‘n’ slash dungeon-crawling action. … If you’re into RPGs, Heroes of Ruin should be your very next purchase. Even if you’re not, you should pick the game up to show publishers that this is the direction we want the 3DS to take. Magnificent and essential.

Official Nintendo Magazine score: 80%
Review by Matt Lees

If you’ve been holding out for a chunky dose of hack ‘n’ slash jollies, you’re in for hours of mindless fun. Add friends and/or an internet connection and things verge on the fantastic. … All of the characters feel powerful and cool, the combat is fun and it’s massively addictive.

Aussie-Gamer.com score: 100%
Review by Tynan Muddle

Dungeons are dynamic based on the amount of players, too. If someone joins your game, monsters will be harder to kill — so you will actually be forced to work as a team if you want to get through the level. I cannot praise the online component of Heroes of Ruin enough — because it’s so unobtrusive.

GamingXP score: 84%
Review by Patrick G.

Heroes of Ruin provides item-hunting and Hack’n’Slash action in the Diablo style for 3DS owners … and shows how good multiplayer can be integrated on the 3DS and should be. — via Google Translate

Nintendo Gamer score: 80%
Review by Rich McCormick

To n-Space’s credit, each class plays completely differently. The Savage’s hook skill yanks enemies closer so they can be ripped to shreds. The Gunslinger can unlock a talent that sees him flip away from danger while chucking a bomb towards it. It’s an incentive to start a save file as each class (luckily the cart has space for exactly four – almost like they planned it!), but even more interestingly, it encourages multiplayer cooperation. … The nearly endless loot treadmill coupled with skills that are enjoyable to use make Heroes Of Ruin a dungeon that’s fun to run.

Hobbynews score: 88%
Review by Ruben Guzman

Dozens of dungeons to explore, hundreds of enemies to defeat, thousands of objects to get … and players from around the world willing to be your sparring partners. Who could say no? — via Google Translate

MeriStation score: 86%
Review by Enrique Garcia

3DS receives which is by far the best approach to the genre of role and action on a handheld ever seen, Heroes of Ruin, which harnesses the power of the console and experience the three dimensions and online becoming one of the essential purchases of portable this summer. — via Google Translate

Vandal Online score: 85%
Review by Francisco Javier Espejo

Sincerely, Heroes of Ruin has impressed us … [It] exceeded our expectations … in relation to the technical and artistic decision, and [we] believe it is a unique game in the catalog that will give much … entertainment to users. — via Google Translate

3D Juegos score: 82%
Review by Jesús Bella

The kind of Diablo-style RPG has always intimidated the less advanced players, but the developers of n-Space … show that it is an unfounded fear. They do this through Heroes of Ruin, a “dungeon crawler” [that is] very accessible but also deep enough to offer hours of fun. And all for cooperative online and a great replay value. — via Google Translate

NZGamer.com score: 89%
Review by Alan Bell

Heroes of Ruin is more than just a building block towards whatever’s next; it’s a brilliant, addictive, compelling experience in its own right. Highly recommended.

Heroes of Ruin released June 15 in Europe and June 21 in Australia. It releases today in North America. Buy it from any number of fine retailers.

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