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Meet the Team: Roberto Garcia-Lago

Posted in Our Staff by Joshua on August 10, 2012

Roberto Garcia-Lago is one of our Lead Game Designers, and has been a part of the game industry since 2004. Attending the Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale, Roberto enrolled in their Game Art & Design curriculum, and during this period was involved in several aspects of the industry which helped him grow as a designer.

A gamer first, Roberto started writing for an enthusiast press outlet, allowing him to network with people across the world, attending conferences and events for all aspects of media, from console to mobile. These experiences helped Roberto broaden his skill set, and he eventually found himself serving as an IGDA chapter coordinator, leading a community and organizing monthly meetings to discuss the industry as a whole. Leveraging his extensive network and industry knowledge, Roberto began helping like-minded designers and developers by working with a specialized local recruiting company, aiding the company in staffing world class talent for some of the biggest publishers in the video game industry.

Soon after graduating, Roberto joined n-Space as a game designer. He has since helped develop five different titles for a consoles, handhelds and other devices, working with high-profile licensed properties. In addition to overseeing production on his titles, Roberto also assists with producing concept pitches, writing design documents, and providing internal feedback for other projects.

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