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Our 12 Giveaways of Christmas

Posted in Our Games by Joshua on December 10, 2012

UPDATE: To ensure all who want to enter our final contest are able to do so, we’re extending the entry window through Jan. 1! Additionally, the winner will receive a Heroes of Ruin poster signed by the game’s development team! See the Day 12 description below for full details.

It’s been a fantastic (and busy) year for us at n-Space! We shipped four games, spoke at the Penny Arcade Expo in Boston and generally ran ourselves ragged in our ongoing quest to make great games. And now with Christmas just around the corner, we’re getting ready to take a breather.

video game controller ornamentsBut before we set out those cookies for Santa, we have a surprise for you. As thanks for your amazing support of us and our games, we’ve arranged what we’re calling the 12 Giveaways of Christmas. We’re running daily contests Dec. 10 through Dec. 21, giving you 12 chances to win some fantastic prizes such as rare merchandise, a Heroes of Ruin poster signed by the development team, and a Skylanders prize package that we’re going to have to keep safe from Kaos! Most of the contests are random drawings, but some entail showing us your skills with a camera…

• Day 1 (Monday, Dec. 10): Random drawing to win every game we shipped this year, including Heroes of Ruin, RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D and Skylanders Giants for the Nintendo 3DS, plus one month of Xbox Live Gold Membership to make sure you grab your copy of 5 Micro Lab Challenge. (Congrats to Chuck in Arkansas!)

• Day 2 (Tuesday, Dec. 11): Random drawing to win a rare shirt featuring Eruptor of Skylanders fame, plus Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure and Skylanders Giants posters. (Congrats to Paul in Massachusetts!)

• Day 3 (Wednesday, Dec. 12): Random drawing to win a copy of the Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure soundtrack, plus Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure and Skylanders Giants posters. (Congrats to Stephanie in North Carolina!)

9781599621104_p0_v1_s260x420• Day 4 (Thursday, Dec. 13): Photo contest to win The Art of Video Games by Chris Melissinos, the companion book to the touring exhibition that debuted earlier this year at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. (Congrats to Andrew in Virginia!)

• Day 5 (Friday, Dec. 14): Random drawing to win the Swarm figure from Skylanders Giants, plus Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure and Skylanders Giants posters. (Congrats to Cy in California!)

• Day 6 (Saturday, Dec. 15): Random drawing to win five Kid Icarus: Uprising AR Card packs from the now out-of-print Series 1. (Congrats to Mau in New York!)

photo-full• Day 7 (Sunday, Dec. 16): Photo contest to win Diamond Trust of London for the Nintendo DS, the first Nintendo DS game to successfully publish through efforts funded by Kickstarter. (Congrats to Chuck in Arkansas!)

• Day 8 (Monday, Dec. 17): Random drawing to win the Bouncer figure from Skylanders Giants, plus Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure and Skylanders Giants posters. (Congrats to Debbie in Arkansas!)

• Day 9 (Tuesday, Dec. 18): Random drawing to win the Crusher figure from Skylanders Giants, plus Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure and Skylanders Giants posters. (Congrats to Matt in Ohio!)

• Day 10 (Wednesday, Dec. 19): Photo contest to win RollerCoaster Tycoon for the Nintendo 3DS. (Congrats to Justin in Georgia!)

• Day 11 (Thursday, Dec. 20): Photo contest to win a Heroes of Ruin poster signed by the game’s development team, an extremely rare collectible! (Prize combined with Day 12 prize package.)

SkylandersGiantsStarter-02• Day 12 (Friday, Dec. 21 through Tuesday, Jan. 1): Photo and video contest to win a Skylanders prize package that includes your choice of a Skylanders Giants Starter Kit for Nintendo 3DS or PlayStation 3, plus all of the following items: seven Skylanders figures, including Bouncer, Crusher, Fright Rider, Swarm, Terrafin, Whirlwind and Zook; a copy of the Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure soundtrack; a Skylanders pen; and Skylanders Spyro’s Adventure and Skylanders Giants posters. (Congrats to Dylan in Indiana!)

Have a question? Ask us in the comments. Thank you again for being such an amazing supporter of us and our games! Good luck!


RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D rolls into stores next month

Posted in Our Games by Joshua on September 4, 2012

Some theme parks use signs to indicate the wait time for their most popular rides. Phrases such as “wait time from this point: 30 minutes” help you know how much longer you’ll be waiting. And in the case of RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D, your wait time from this point is just six weeks!

Atari has confirmed RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D for the Nintendo 3DS will release Oct. 16 in North America and Oct. 26 in Europe and Australia. Developed by n-Space and designed to highlight the Nintendo 3DS system’s many capabilities, RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D will be published in North America by Atari and in Europe and Australia by Namco Bandai Games.

New features created exclusively for RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D include:

• An entirely new gameplay mode called Coaster Story, which blends together tutorials and park challenges into a cohesive and entertaining narrative and offers players tons of special unlockable content.
• A first-person view for coaster rides that fully immerses players with the innovative 3D display exclusive to Nintendo 3DS.
• The ability to freely customize the design of roller coasters and theme parks with the use of a stylus and the touch-screen interface.
• Just like at a real theme park, you can take a snapshot of yourself on a ride and share it with your friends.
• The gyro sensor allows players to look around their theme park by simply tilting their Nintendo 3DS.
• Create the ultimate coaster and easily share it with friends through StreetPass.
• Invite your Mii Plaza friends to your theme park.

Since its inception in 1999, Chris Sawyer’s original RollerCoaster Tycoon and its sequels have captivated audiences with a gaming experience that put a whole new spin on the world of theme parks. The franchise, which is now making its portable system debut, has sold more than 11 million units. You can read more about RollerCoaster Tycoon 3D at this IGN preview.

And look for other Nintendo 3DS games from n-Space, including Skylanders Giants, releasing Oct. 19 in the United Kingdom and Oct. 21 in the United States; Heroes of Ruin, released June 15 in Europe and July 17 in North America; and Jaws: Ultimate Predator, released November 2011.

Heroes of Ruin reviews show might makes right

Posted in Our Games by Joshua on July 17, 2012

Massively addictive. The best approach to the genre a handheld has ever seen. Magnificent and essential. These are the phrases reviewers are using for Heroes of Ruin, our newest game for the Nintendo 3DS. It’s all further evidence that might makes right when it comes to the extensive and immersive adventures of our heroic Alchitect, Gunslinger, Savage and Vindicator!

Pocket Gamer score: 90% [Gold Award]
Review by Mike Rose

Heroes of Ruin is a landmark release for the 3DS thanks to its online play, made all the more essential through its lengthy string of quests, varying equipment and stats, and hack ‘n’ slash dungeon-crawling action. … If you’re into RPGs, Heroes of Ruin should be your very next purchase. Even if you’re not, you should pick the game up to show publishers that this is the direction we want the 3DS to take. Magnificent and essential.

Official Nintendo Magazine score: 80%
Review by Matt Lees

If you’ve been holding out for a chunky dose of hack ‘n’ slash jollies, you’re in for hours of mindless fun. Add friends and/or an internet connection and things verge on the fantastic. … All of the characters feel powerful and cool, the combat is fun and it’s massively addictive.

Aussie-Gamer.com score: 100%
Review by Tynan Muddle

Dungeons are dynamic based on the amount of players, too. If someone joins your game, monsters will be harder to kill — so you will actually be forced to work as a team if you want to get through the level. I cannot praise the online component of Heroes of Ruin enough — because it’s so unobtrusive.

GamingXP score: 84%
Review by Patrick G.

Heroes of Ruin provides item-hunting and Hack’n’Slash action in the Diablo style for 3DS owners … and shows how good multiplayer can be integrated on the 3DS and should be. — via Google Translate

Nintendo Gamer score: 80%
Review by Rich McCormick

To n-Space’s credit, each class plays completely differently. The Savage’s hook skill yanks enemies closer so they can be ripped to shreds. The Gunslinger can unlock a talent that sees him flip away from danger while chucking a bomb towards it. It’s an incentive to start a save file as each class (luckily the cart has space for exactly four – almost like they planned it!), but even more interestingly, it encourages multiplayer cooperation. … The nearly endless loot treadmill coupled with skills that are enjoyable to use make Heroes Of Ruin a dungeon that’s fun to run.

Hobbynews score: 88%
Review by Ruben Guzman

Dozens of dungeons to explore, hundreds of enemies to defeat, thousands of objects to get … and players from around the world willing to be your sparring partners. Who could say no? — via Google Translate

MeriStation score: 86%
Review by Enrique Garcia

3DS receives which is by far the best approach to the genre of role and action on a handheld ever seen, Heroes of Ruin, which harnesses the power of the console and experience the three dimensions and online becoming one of the essential purchases of portable this summer. — via Google Translate

Vandal Online score: 85%
Review by Francisco Javier Espejo

Sincerely, Heroes of Ruin has impressed us … [It] exceeded our expectations … in relation to the technical and artistic decision, and [we] believe it is a unique game in the catalog that will give much … entertainment to users. — via Google Translate

3D Juegos score: 82%
Review by Jesús Bella

The kind of Diablo-style RPG has always intimidated the less advanced players, but the developers of n-Space … show that it is an unfounded fear. They do this through Heroes of Ruin, a “dungeon crawler” [that is] very accessible but also deep enough to offer hours of fun. And all for cooperative online and a great replay value. — via Google Translate

NZGamer.com score: 89%
Review by Alan Bell

Heroes of Ruin is more than just a building block towards whatever’s next; it’s a brilliant, addictive, compelling experience in its own right. Highly recommended.

Heroes of Ruin released June 15 in Europe and June 21 in Australia. It releases today in North America. Buy it from any number of fine retailers.

You don’t need alchemy to get a good connection in Heroes of Ruin

Posted in Our Games by Joshua on June 14, 2012

You’ve christened your Alchitect. You’ve connected with friends. And you’ve settled in for another journey to the World of Veil. Everything is ready to go — then the lag hits.

The occasional poor connection in online games is frustrating and inevitable, but not insurmountable. The good news is that you don’t need schooling in alchemy to overcome any connection issues you might experience in Heroes of Ruin. In fact, there are several easy steps you can take right now to ensure your wireless network connection is fast and stable.

• Gaming with a good Internet connection (low latency, high bandwidth) is critical. Just as important, though, is the need to properly set up your wireless network. Nintendo offers excellent information on their website about diagnosing and fixing connectivity problems.

Not all routers are created equal. Some routers become unstable if it’s been a while since their last reboot, so try restarting. Also, update to the latest router firmware, if possible.

Beware of wireless congestion, especially in apartments and dormitories. Use a Wi-Fi scanner such as NetStumbler to find the Wi-Fi channels that are in use. For optimum bandwidth, configure your router to use a channel that is at least 5 channels away from everyone else. Nintendo recommends channels 1 and 11 as they do not overlap with channel 6, the default for most routers. Also, beware of wireless noise sources such as cordless phones, baby monitors, wireless headsets and keyboards, and microwave ovens. Cook those pizza rolls before you set foot in Nexus!

Beware of other drains on your network connection. Streaming video or other high-demand Internet usage can make your connection too slow for gaming. You should also try to remain physically close to your wireless router. You don’t need to hug the machine, but try moving into the same room and avoiding obstructions if you’re experiencing a poor connection. The further you are from the wireless router, the more your signal is prone to interference.

• Remember that the host gets more network traffic than the other players, so if you’re playing with some friends, whoever has the best connection should host.

• Lastly, if you get an error code during network play, you can get more information and help from Nintendo by entering the code here.

The development team at n-Space, Square Enix and Nintendo worked tirelessly for months to ensure a top-quality experience for all Heroes of Ruin players, but if you encounter connection problems, these are your best first steps. Good luck slaying those Wireless Interference Dragons and we’ll see you in the World of Veil!

Heroes of Ruin reigns supreme at E3 2012

Posted in Our Games by Joshua on June 7, 2012

It was a big week for Heroes of Ruin — and things are only going to get bigger next week!

Just days before Nintendo publishes our multiplayer, action-adventure game in Europe, reporters at the Electronics Entertainment Expo are praising Heroes of Ruin. IGN nominated Heroes of Ruin as Best 3DS Game and PureNintendo awarded Heroes of Ruin their Best RPG award! Meanwhile, gamers in Europe are salivating for the Heroes of Ruin demo hitting the European eShop today. And gamers in North America will soon experience the exhilarating demo for themselves!

Heroes of Ruin, one of the most ambitious titles yet developed for the Nintendo 3DS, includes multiplayer experiences, voice chat, daily challenges and other features to provide an unprecedented Nintendo 3DS experience. It debuts in Europe on June 15 and North America on July 17.

Check out this GameTrailers interview with our very own Tim Schwalk and the many excerpts below to see why we’re so excited to share Heroes of Ruin with you. We look forward to crossing paths with you soon in Nexus!

E3 2012: Heroes of Ruin Preview
by Andy Hoover of Nintendojo

Heroes of Ruin is a solid dungeon hack featuring exactly what you expect from the genre: multiple character classes, mountains of diverse loot, and co-op play. When it comes to classes, Heroes of Ruin sports four for your choosing. These classes, the Alchitect, Gunslinger, Savage, and Vindicator, definitely resemble the genre’s usual cast of magic users, tanks, ranged fighters and so on, but n-Space has tweaked the formula to add a bit of their own flavor.

E3 2012: Heroes of Ruin Hands-On Impressions
by Mike Katsufrakis of Co-Optimus

For a 3DS game, Heroes of Ruin has better co-op features than we usually come to expect from a portable title. Four player drop-in/drop-out co-op is supported for both local or online play, and there’s even full voice over IP chat integrated out of the box.

Heroes of Ruin drops in less than a month
by Eugene Allen of Infendo

Drop in, drop out online multiplayer? Diablo-esque gameplay on a handheld? Thousands of equipment combinations to chose from? Check, check, check…sign me up. Looks like we won’t have to wait much longer for the game to drop on 3DS consoles everywhere, seeing as how the stateside release date is July 17, and I for one can’t wait.

Square Enix does E3
by Mark O’Beirne of Clickonline

Apparently [with Heroes of Ruin,] Nintendo’s Wii-U mantra of “Together. Better” has crossed other boundaries.